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Interfit Multifit TTL Spiral Kabel INT 131

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INTERFIT Multifit TTL Spiral Kabel

Passer til Nikon, Canon og Fuji

The Strobies - Multi-Fit Coiled TTL Cord allows you to maintain all on-camera flash functions, including TTL, for Nikon, Fuji and Canon speedlights while using the unit off-camera at distances up to 6' (2m). It is compatible with all Nikon, Fuji and Canon cameras with a standard flash shoe.
Coiled TTL cords are ideal for hand-holding your off-camera flash, as the excess cord is tightly coiled and does not interfere. Coiled TTL cords are not recommended for placing your speedlights on a light stand, as the tight coils can pull the flash towards the camera, potentially damaging the speedlight.

Varenummer: INT STR131
Type Strobies
Varenummer INT 131
Producent Interfit