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INTERFIT Delta Remote Radio Trigger NIKON

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INTERFIT Delta Remote Radio Trigger

Kamera fjernudløser til Nikon, Fuji og Kodak kameraer.
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The Strobies Delta Remote Radio Trigger allows you to operate your Nikon, Kodak or Fuji camera (with LED confirmation for Auto Focus and Single/Bulb or Continuous frame rate operations) from up to 320' (100 m) away. The Delta remote is a radio shutter release that mounts on the camera's hotshot and operates from the included lithium 3V battery. This is a must-have accessory for sports or wildlife photographers.

This remote control is for use with the following cameras via the included cables:
Nikon D70s / D80; Nikon N90s / F5 /F6/ F100 /F90 F90x; Nikon D1 / D1h / D1 x / D2h/ D2x/ D2hs/ D2xs/ D3 /D3s / D200 /D300 / D300s / D700; Nikon D90/ D5000
Kodak DSC-14n
Fuji S3 Pro / S5 Pro

Varenummer: INT STR123
Type Strobies
Varenummer INT STR123
Producent Interfit