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STR 172 Strobies LED Macro Ring Light

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The Strobies LED Macro Ring Light is an 80 LED lens-mounted ring light that feature both flash and continuous lighting. This lens-mounted Ring Light includes six different adaptors to fit most lens sizes.
Ring lights allow you to create very soft lighting with virtually no shadows. In “F” (flash) mode, this ring light has a guide number of 46’ (14m) – roughly equivalent to a 150w/s monolight at half power – with a 5600k daylight color temperature. The brightness can be adjusted from 25-100%, giving you variable exposure values.
Four AA batteries located in a housing that is placed onto your camera’s hotshot power the Strobies LED Macro Ring Light.



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820,00 kr

80 LED lamps - Choose between flash and continuous light - Mounts to your lens - Adjustable power output - lev uden kamera
Type Lyssætning, Objektiv tilbehør, Sling
Varenummer INT STR172
Producent Interfit